SSC provides quality inspection services to manufacturers, retailers, traders and Governments, as well as international buyers and sellers of goods and products.

SSC  provides the following inspection services

  • Consumer goods including garments inspection services
  • Production Line Inspection Solutions to Ensure Product Quality and Integrity
  • Final Packaged Product Quality Solutions
  • Final Packaging Quality Inspection
  • Inspection of agricultural shipments
  • Inspection of supplier and exporter services
  • Screening of children’s products
  • Special checks to verify product conformity
  • Production screening services
The company’s screening services help reduce the proportion of defective products, reduce customer complaints and reduce cargo delays. Our independent screening services protect the interests of businesses, overcome risks, and ensure that high quality products are manufactured and delivered to the final destination according to the customer’s specifications.
 inspection services help clients to evaluate whether their products, processes and services comply with all the relevant standards, both regulatory and voluntary.