System and Services Certification (SSC)

“Best in Class” quality and environmental management systems certification body.
We serve large, medium and small clients in Egypt and Gulf Aria in several industrial, commercial, service and government business sectors. Since we were founded in 2011, SSC has sustained a growth rate that ranks among the best in the industry.


Accreditation is an endorsement of a certification body’s independence, integrity and technical competence.
It enables the certification body to use the mark of accreditation and to offer its services with confidence nationally and worldwide.
SSC is accredited throw SWISS CERT PVT. LTD. by DAC for ISO 9001 & 14001 certification.
SSC is accredited throw SWISS CERT PVT. LTD. is accredited by FAMI QS for Feed Additive and Premature Quality System certification for WORLDWIDE operation.
SSC IS in accredited process by EJAC for OHSAS 18001.

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